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This publication represents several tactics in exposing the perspectives people have in regards to the variables that contribute to human trafficking. The main ingredients lie in poverty and ineffective social inclusion of groups at risk. This journey has brought to my attention a dis-heartening occurrence in young woman. The push for female equality and independence has been contorted into an idea that getting naked promotes respect from men. While you may get attention, the attention is not love or respect. The attention is lust and the exploitation of woman is feeding the environment men use to subjugate and exploit woman further. The push for equality for marginalized groups of people has never been a more pressing global issue.

Articles – While this industry grows our mission is to create the arguments that both support and resolve conflict in thought. Young woman use the internet to profit due to a lack of job and opportunity. Poverty drives people into poor choices and empowers pimps to use young woman trying to make money in this world. Our further goal is to try and create awareness surrounding this occurrence and promote solutions to reduce trafficking.

Mission statements – It Takes A Village - People are fond of saying this and in this instance it's particularly true. Your help is crucial in a lonely line of work. Helping people from the situations they are in needs the support of others.

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I would like to thank Star Publishing in Acworth, Ga for helping me reach my goals and supporting me with this endeavor. It's a great place to have your work created and the staff is great. Click Here To Check Them Out.

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We work to offer our advertisers an opportunity to help reduce human trafficking while supporting the magazine and network. We work with other non-profits online to support each other and further the cause.

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