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     I am a firm believer that if something is wrong you fix it. If it doesn’t make sense it is non-sense. I am in my forties and have watched this country change and some of it is not for the better. While there are many things, I am proud of, Human Trafficking is unacceptable. I was ignorant to it for most of my life, thinking it was just a part of society and had little to do with me. I had returned to college working on a degree when I was sent a human trafficking bulletin. It struck me; I had never really thought much about it because I was ignorant of it. I intended on donating and I could find the post. Daily it bothered me that I was not doing something about it. I don’t feel like you have a lot to say about things in society if you are not willing to help. Over time I looked into opening my own non-profit and how I would go about making a difference. I can’t rescue people like Operation Underground or Vets 4 Child Rescue, then what could I do with the education I have? I would try and influence people through articles and engaging posts. Use a little Gestalt psychology and try and provoke that reaction which initiates change. Perhaps someone might get engaged emotionally and spread the message. Then I started posting on Instagram and I could interact directly with people and get their click button support. A movement begins with the lone nut. The person that everyone thinks is crazy, which continues that drumbeat until change happens. I want to do this, to push this magazine until people read it and until it provides a tool for trafficked persons to open and find local non-profits that can take them in. Take victims to rehabilitate them and give them a new life. A magazine where non-profits advertise their niche and together it provides a one-stop shop for a victim. I hope you can see the value in this and will join me in supporting this endeavor. You can currently see the Summer 2019 Edition on our website: 

Thank you for your time and any support.

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